Monday, February 9, 2009

Lowes vs. Home Depot vs. ACE vs. XXXX

I'm slowly but surely becoming a Lowe's Consumer. Once upon a time, I'd eagerly enter a Home Depot, excited at not only the vast amount of Home Improvement stuff they had, but also about the friendly and helpful salesfloor personel who could help me once I described in layman terms the thing I was looking for...

NOW, even if I can find one of those Home Depot sales guys (or gals)that will talk to me, I'm more likely to know what I'm looking for than they are. As I was wandering around the store on my lunch break, looking for those last few hardware items for the coop, I couldn't find 1 person to help me find the rabbit wire I needed, so I literally went from one end of the store to the other, starting out in the Gardening section (because that's why you buy rabbit wire), in the FAR left hand corner, outside section, of the store, until I finally found what they had in lieu of what I needed, in the polar opposite position of the store, on the far RIGHT hand corner, behind the contractors lumber and such. I thought about getting the hinges I needed for the stable door, and the lid on the nesting box, but became too furious to want to give them my money, which is becoming less and less as this project continues, so, I walked out, only to find that the Polish Sausage guy, whom I was anticipating lunch from, wasn't open. So now, I'm angry AND hungry, and I really feel like crying. But, I didn't, I just sulked over to Burger King, got me some cold fries, and burnt chicken and went back to the office.

It's almost like Lowes and Home Depot have switch places... Lowes use to be an almost contractor-centric hardware store, and Home Depot was for nice, single-moms, yuppie condo owners, and people of age who might need assistance, now, the opposite is true. Lowes gardening section had all of the purty stuff for my coop once I get it done, as well as the chicken/rabbit wire I needed, IN THE GARDEN section, which a Lowes representative walked me back to to show me, and I only had to ask her if she might know where it was. Not to mention, the seed selection was much better at Lowes than Home Depot.

It may just be me, but I can't stand ACE, you know, the one with the helpful hardware man? I know of 2 of them in our area, and they do have helpful staffs (well one of them does). They must make more than I do though at my job, because the prices ACE wants for simple stuff seems aweful high to me, and then to my final point on hardware -- I feel sorry for the small Joe's Hardware shops that are still left out there, and try to patronize them when I'm over in rural America (Ocala area), but more often than not, they don't have what I'm looking for. Sure, they might can order me some of what I needed, in next weeks shipment, but I'm NOT a wait til next week for it to come in kinda fella... I could be, and I would've been, had I not been born when I was, now, I'm on a schedule, places to be, things to do, etc, etc, etc... I so long to get out of this current way of life we've found ourselves in. Which is why I've been trying for the last 2 years, but can't seem to plateau at a good spot to jump off. I'm gonna re-read "A Land Remembered", to take me back to when a trip to the store meant a 2 or 3 day, buck-boarded, horse-teamed trip through the wilds. I presume, to hear people talk, that those were rougher days, but I don't know, sounds pretty nice to me. Back then, you had the time to make or make-do, and now the world is turning so fast. I wanna jump off, but that leap sure is scary.

Please take a moment to complete my survey, won't you? I'm curious about how others feel about Hardware Stores.


seth said...

Dude: i know what you mean about HD, i used to work at one here on the treasure coast. They sure have gone down hill on customer service since then. I know the HD here like the back of my hand so finding stuff is not a problem, just finding someone to help is. I shop between HD and Lowes. Ace, sometimes, but their prices are high.
Am waiting for my jumping off point too, then its off for w.texas

warren said...

We have an awesome ACE with helpful people, lots of stuff, good prices (mostly). We go there a lot. Most times for big stuff, though, we hit Lowes. We used to do HD also but gave up on them like you did

jne0493 said...

W. Texas? Are you in cahoots with Wretha? HD use to be really helpful, but I don't know if it's the economy or what. I own a couple small businesses, and I know labor is one of my biggest expenses, I'm assuming that HD is cutting down on the number and quality of employees trying to reign in expenses, but it's a double edged sword.

If you're not just the king of regular Joe's, I don't know who is...
I'm a WV transplant myself, and you've got me thinking seriously about beekeeping, once I finish this coop thing. I enjoy your homeamongthehills site.

Thanks to both of you for visiting my site.


Amanda said...

I work at the Home Depot, and I'm not offended for the record. Lol, For what it's worth they had this horrible ceo a couple years back who decided the entire company had to go 50/50 part time full time, which made a HUGE impact. This same CEO is the guy that Obama pretty much just ditched from Chrysler(That's how awful he is). We've got a new CEO now his name is Frank Blake, and he's been opening up higher wages for more valuable employees as well as implementing what we call "Power Hour". It's helped a lot, and for what it's worth and from just one of Home Depot's "pee-on" employees, I hope you guys have better experiences. If you ever find yourselves in Savannah, GA on Abercorn, stop in and see me, I'll make sure you find service, and get what you need. :)

Outer said...

Ace and HD are very good in central Maryland. Trouble I have at Lowe's is finding something when I have to try finding a sign written in English hidden between at the Spanish crap. Ace is a little high on prices, but somehow they seem to have a lot of merchandise in a much smaller space, and absolute everything written in English. If you can find a live person, both Lowe's and HD have people with about same knowledge.

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